Monday, December 14, 2009

What's the use of WiFi here?

Assalamualaikum and good day. Currently i'm 'visiting' State library of Selangor. Actually, this is an involuntary visit since my sister asked me to come along to take care of her children and other nieces and nephews. For your information, i'm not into library. That's why i said involuntari. This is my first time coming here.

So, coming back to the topic, while entering the library compound, the welcoming signboard caught my eyes. It's not because the signboard is too catchy but the writing on it which is "WiFi available". That's good. At least, i've something to do in the library.

After entering the library, i straight away searched for power point socket because my battery is 'kong' already. I found a few, but all were covered by black salotapes. wth?? Then i asked the lib staff and she said that i've to go to multimedia room for the sockets. Again, wth?? What's the use of WiFi if users can only do that in multimedia room which only has 20 sockets but 10 places for laptops?

In addition, some people go to library to do work in a peace, calm and conducive area, regardless the availability of internet. Therefore, they just can't do the work in reading area because there are no sockets. To me, state library is the main library in the state which should accommodate and give good service to many people. Just imagine if 50 people want to use their laptops in the library, then the sockets in the multimedia room cannot support the needs anymore.

As a conclusion, a library should provide optimum service, facilities to the people because it would encourage the people to come again.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It's been a year since i wrote my last entry. Life has been so hectic and busy that stole most of my time, precipitated by laziness to update this blog. heheh.. so, the topic for this time is unemployment or joblessness or in Malay 'pengangguran'.

When the word comes into my mind, i think that unemployment is caused by a few factors. The first one is it is due by the current situation and job opportunities and the second one is it is due by the individuals themselves.

We'll go to the first factor which is current situation and job availability. It is undeniable that situation slams a big effect on the successfulness of getting job. This is because graduates from universities, colleges etc. is flooding the country whereas the vacant jobs in Malaysia are not supportive enough to the flooding graduates. Consequently, only a portion of the job seekers manage to get hired.

Next factor is the individual itself. Graduates nowadays are over pampered especially Malays because they have been spoonfed since primary schools with everything. The spoonfeeding culture somehow affects the proactiveness of graduates today. When they graduate, they tend to wait for jobs to invite them instead of looking for it. Even top scorers also feel difficult to get hired.

To me, the most important things to get hired are to be proactive looking for jobs and to know a lot of people. It will help especially fresh graduates to get job. A reminder, graduates with unsatisfied results do not have to bother about that so much because it does not really affect employability. The most important are communication and skills.